Jealous Beauty LTD Bookings Terms and Conditions


As existing clients are already aware, my clients are very important to me and without my clients, there is no Jealous Beauty business! Every client, both new and old is precious to me and I put everything I have got into each treatment I perform.


Your treatment appointment is reserved specifically for you. I therefore ask that you notify me at least 72 hours in advance if you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment.


As a courtesy, I do contact you to confirm the date and time of  your appointment with an automated reminder either by text or email so no shows and last minute cancellations can be avoided easily.




Consultations and Appointments


You can book your appointment by texting or calling 07921860000


You can now use the online booking widget via the Facebook or Instagram pages.


You can also go to the website


Securing your appointment


In order to secure your appointment a NON REFUNDABLE booking fee is required.


This is requirement for ALL bookings due to last minute cancellations and no shows occurring too many times in the past.


This applies to touch up and infill appointments.


When you make an appointment via the website or widget please contact me and request payment methods to pay the booking fee ASAP. Your appointment is not secure until you have done so.


Booking fee payments can be made via paypal, bacs or cash.


Booking fees


Listed below are booking fee amounts to be paid against the total value of your appointment:

Full set lashes - £25 booking fee required

Lash infills- £15 booking fee required

Microblading (including touch-ups) - £50 booking fee required

Henna / Brow tidy/tint - £15 booking fee required

Hair extensions new set - £100-£150 booking fee required


Hair refits - £25-£50 booking fee required

Facials - £25 booking fee required

The booking fee paid will be deducted off of your total cost of treatment.


Being late to your appointment



I will always try my best to accommodate you if you’re running behind, stuck in traffic, etc.

However if you are late it can affect the remainder of my day delaying it for my other clients who come in on time.


Late cancellations and ‘no show’ appointments cost me precious time and money, No Show clients that do not show up to their appointments without any notice will be required to pay the full amount of the treatment before booking in again for another appointment.



For this reason, I have set a few rules for these situations.


Clients will generally be allowed a 5-10 minute grace period.  After that time, I will call to check you are on your way.


If you are able to make it in time for your entire treatment to be completed, great!  If not, you may have to reschedule part of your treatment. This will allow me to continue to do our allocated time slots for my next client to ensure they are not kept waiting for their appointment.


Please, always call if you even think you might be late; I’d rather know as early as possible so I can do my best to fit you in without upsetting the flow of the day. In this case, you will still be charged 100% of the original treatment scheduled.


Again, please remember that your appointments are reserved for you and only you.




Changes and Cancellations


If you cannot make your appointment please contact me as soon as possible.


If you cancel your appointment within 72 hours of your allocated treatment time then your booking fee will not be moved to another appointment time and is in place to cover the cost of the missed appointment.


If you are cancelling your appointment with more than 72 hours notice, then your booking fee may be allocated to the next appointment of your choice however the appointment must be made within 4 weeks of your original appointment time.



Please note there are no exceptions to the terms and conditions rules above.



Thank you for your understanding.




Contact Us 

If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact us:


+44 792 1860000 +44 792 1860000


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