LA Weave

No Heat No Braids No Glue - No Problem!



Want thick full natural looking hair then the LA Weave Extension method is for you!


Unlike the traditional weave method the LA Weave method involves no braiding or tension on your scalp.


Using micro rings, the weft is sewn around the rings and securely attached to your hair using 3-4 rows of double wefted hair.

The LA weave method is suitable for all types of hair. Whether you have fine, short, long or thick hair, this method is safe and non damaging to your own natural hair.


Repositioning is advised every 8-10 weeks where the weft and rings are removed and placed back close to your scalp.


The LA Weave allows your natural hair to grow underneath the extensions and is an ideal choice for clients looking to grow out their hair from short styles to a longer style.


All pricing includes fitting, cutting and styling of hair.

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