To make a booking click on the link below to see available appointments or please call or text Poppy on 07921860000


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Open for appointments during the following times:


Monday 10.00 hr - 21.00 hr

Tuesday 10.00 hr - 21.00 hr

Wednesday  10.00 hr - 21.00 hr

Thursday  11.30 hr - 20.30 hr

Friday  10.00 hr - 18.00 hr

Saturday  10.00 hr - 17.30 hr

Sunday - Closed


BOOKING FEE (non refundable)


To secure an appointment you will be required to pay a non refundable booking fee for all bookings. If you are booking within 7 days of the appointment you may be asked to pay for the apppointment in full.


Booking fee amounts:

£20 - if appointment charge is £60 or less

£50 - if appointment charge is £150 or less

£100 - if appointment charge is over £150


Booking fees can be paid with Cash Paypal or a Bank Transfer


You can pay your booking fee via paypal by using the link:



If you do need to change your appointment then 48 hours notice will need to be given.


 The booking fee is non refundable.


You can request to change your appointment time or date if 48 hours notice is given and alternative available dates and times will be given. 



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If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact us:


+44 792 1860000 +44 792 1860000


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