Mini Stick Tip Hair Extensions

The most popular way of fitting hair extensions to date!


Gone are the days of glue and heat to achieve long, thick luscious locks!


These tiny mini copper rings are almost undetectable and extremely comfortable on your head.


Mini stick tips use 0.8gm strands of beautiful human hair bonded at the tip with solid keratin that is then snuggley placed into a tiny tube and gently, but firmly clamped to your own hair. This method of fitting extensions is revolutionary!


To avoid any damage, we add the same amount of hair thickness to each extension strand in neat rows around the head. Creating a flawless seamless blend with over 40 different hair colour shades to choose from.


The hair is Russian, double drawn hair meaning the thickness is the same at the top and bottom of the strands. If the hair is looked after it will last up to 1 year before considering removal or new hair. Russian hair is considered to be the best hair on the market for hair extensions. It's light, silky and extremely durable to all weather conditions.


A full head is generally 150 strands depending on the desired thickness and over all look. If you are looking to add thickness but not necessarily any length then why not have half a head (75 strands) or 3/4 head (100-125 strands) of hair.


All prices include hair purchase, fitting, blending and styling.


Hair consultations are free of charge and advisable to ensure the exact colour match to your own hair.


This method is suitable for clients with both fine or thick hair.

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