Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Silicone Lined Copper Tubes 



The first extension method created without heat, glue or braiding!


This method is extremely popular and suits all hair types.


The silicone lined rings are used to hold the extension and your own hair together by gently clamping together. The silicone lining provides extra protection from slipping so these are ideal for active people who exercise regularly. The stick tips range from 0.8gm - 1gm strands and the strands are bonded at the tip with solid keratin


To avoid any damage, we add the same amount of hair thickness to each extension strand in neat rows around the head. Creating a flawless seamless blend with over 30 different hair colour shades to choose from.


The hair used for standard micro-ring fitting is Russian hair. With good care, Russian hair will last around 6-12 months before removing or replacing the hair with new hair.


A full head is generally 150 strands depending on the desired thickness and over all look. If you are looking to add thickness but not necessarily any length then why not have half a head (75 strands) or 3/4 head (100-125 strands) of hair.

All prices include hair purchase, fitting, blending and styling.


Hair consultations are free of charge and advisable to ensure the exact colour match to your own hair.

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