The latest semi permanent makeup technique.


Specialising in natural looking tattooed eyebrows also known as eyebrow embroidery. Performed by a fully trained and qualified practitioner.


Instead of an electrical machine with a single vibrating needle, Microblading is done manually with a single "blade like tool" which is actually made up of between 12-15 tiny needles that graze the skin giving a very thin hair stroke effect line. This process avoids the harsh block effect that can sometimes look unnatural. The pigment is inserted closer to the surface of the skin, making the tattoo look more natural and defined.


Micro blading is suitable for clients with little or no hair on their brows or for clients who have patchy brows missing in areas. Many people have microblading to create a higher arch or thicken the ends or middle area. Most importantly they want natural looking brows that don't look tattooed!


For further information about the process please visit the FAQs page and read up on Pre and After Care advice before booking.

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